Here are some informations you may wanna know for your first Yolo Yoga class.

– If this is your first time, please come 15 minutes early.
– If this is not your first time, then you know we start on time.
– If you’re too late: Come back next time.
– Let us know if you have any pre-existing injuries and/or concerns.
– We don’t take responsibility for any injuries during class.
– The Gobinde Yoga Studio provides yoga mats and props.

– Changing rooms and rest rooms are available.
– There is no dress code, however – we recommend:
– Wear something comfortable that you can move in.
– Consider that practicing yoga can make you sweat.
– No heavy food two hours before class (in your own interest).
– Cell phones must be turned off.

Things to do after a yoga class:

Walk outside and stand there for one minute, in silence. Look up at to the sky, and contemplate on your one and only, wild and precious life.